Conversion Party

Dear Hugo Chavez,

About Conversion Party

Download our album More No More.

This is the band Conversion Party’s blog. Conversion Party is Matt Potter on drums, Alex Waxman on guitar, Ben Johnson on guitar and bass, Matthew Clark on keys, and Matthew Allen on guitar/bass/drums. Everyone in the band sings, and everyone contributes songwriting. The group met in New London, CT’s music scene. It’s a convoluted story, but the first formal practice took place sometime in the winter of 2006 with a half-eaten meal, a half-eaten tongue, and a fully formed demo tape, which Potter kept in a secure vault for several months. Half the band moved to Brooklyn. Based on the demos, we moved forward in fits and starts, convening in a row of lavish bathhouse off Green St. where we steamed, soaked, and stewed in our creative juices. In April 2007, we recorded our first full-length album More No More at Sine Studios in Philadelphia. The full album is available for download here. Conversion Party is currently working on songs for a new EP and playing the fuck out of their live set.


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