Conversion Party

Dear Hugo Chavez,

Our First Zine

The inaugural Conversion Party zine.


To coincide with the release of our new EP Favors (April 2011), we’ve created the first-ever Conversion Party zine. Check it out. Hopefully this is the first of many. If you like it, let us know.

And if you’re in the Brooklyn-area, we’re playing this Friday, Feb 25th at Union Hall. We go on at 9ish. Un Beso, CP


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Conversion Party @ Rock Shop, Thursday August 4th

Conversion Party is playing a new venue in Park Slope called The Rock Shop this Thursday, August 5th.

Come check it out. 4th Avenue between Carroll and President, former site of the world-famous Cattyshack (R.I.P).

We’ll be joined by Rabbits, Great Unwashed, and Shark?.

We go on at 9, so swing through 830ish. See you then.

Besos, CP

Boulder and Co.

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Miss Jinners presents…
Conversion Party @ Union Hall
Friday, July 9th
w/ Hallelujah the Hills, Bird Love

God Bless, America

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Finishing the record.

Just posted two mixes over on myspace. Check ’em out.

We’re playing at Union Pool on Thursday, April 8th with Radical Dads and Thunderfakers. Check the swan dive, tile-face.

See y’all in the deep end.

We just laugh and laugh.


Summer Reading

Creative Juices.

Shoot when you see the whites of their eyes. duh.



Outta Here.

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And we’re back. Thanks for checking in.

We have some exciting news items to report.

First and foremost, the new album is in the works. We’re knocking around a few tentative titles, including: Red, White, and Meat, White Slavery, and Chinchillas in the Mist. Tough decisions. But seriously, the album is going really well.

In mid-November, after many months of writing, worrying, fighting, making-up, riding trains, fighting some more, worrying we weren’t ready, etc. we arrived at Sine Studios in the medium-sized American metropolis known as Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, for a long weekend of recording.

Philly Strreeeetz. unh.

Our friends Matt and Mike manned the board, as they did on More No More. Consummate professionals that they are, they coaxed the band into a semi-hypnotized state where performing was all. And this time around, we were joined by our confidant, attaché, referee, masseuse, Bro-ducer Sean Greenhalgh. Sean brought his clipboard and pencils, and taskmaster that he is, drove us like the dumb mules we are. Buddy and Potter performed miracles, as did the rest of the band.

Andy Warhol



El Doctor

The Mona Lisa

Buddy and Wax Check the Charts

Since that time, we’ve been recording guitars, keyboards, fiddles and jew harps in damp basements up and down the Eastern Seaboard. There is still lots of work to be done. But the songs are our best yet and we’re feeling very good about the results thus far. We hope some of you are as excited as we are to hear the final result.

We’ll be posting an a mix of one of the songs soon. It’s called Awake. When I hear it, I just think, “Some guy screamin’ in a room.” But we’ll let you be the judge.

In the meantime, we’ll be showing off our chops with a steady clip of shows in the coming months.

First up:

May we?

This Saturday, January 9th, 2010 at Union Hall in Park Sloop @ 8pm. $8: PURSESNATCHERS 10:30 / NEW MEXICOE 9:45 / COLUMBOID 8:50 / CONVERSION PARTY 8:00. We’re playing the early slot, so think 8. Ocho. Get that number in your head, kid.

Next up: Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 at Lit Lounge on the Lower East Side. This show is going to be the proverbial “tits.” For probably the first time ever, we got to choose the bands on the bill and they’re great: Les Vinyl, Eula, and Honey Wagon. Plus, there’ll be an after party/house party over on 13th and Ave A. If you ever wanted to rub elbows with Kurt Cobain, Eddie Van Halen, Ray Davies, David Byrne, Eddie Vedder, and J. Mascis, this isn’t your chance. But we will give you a can of beer and a shot.

And remember, as a great man once said: “You’re not drunk on cider. You’re drunk with cider.”

Ok, ready? Noses to grindstones. Hands to fires. Go. Go. Go.



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Conversion Party Live, This Friday, March 27th, Bank Street Cafe

Potter Conversion Party

Potter's Magic Conversion Party

We were up in New London this weekend getting ready for next weekend’s gig when we caught wind of this little mix-up on the marquee. Or maybe it’s not a mix-up. I guess we’ll just show up and find out. You should too. The show is this Friday, March 27th at the Bank Street Cafe on (you guessed it) Bank Street. We’ll be joined by Honey Wagon and Heroins. We hope New Londoners will make it out for a good old fashion Conversion Party.

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