Conversion Party

Dear Hugo Chavez,

Our First Zine

The inaugural Conversion Party zine.


To coincide with the release of our new EP Favors (April 2011), we’ve created the first-ever Conversion Party zine. Check it out. Hopefully this is the first of many. If you like it, let us know.

And if you’re in the Brooklyn-area, we’re playing this Friday, Feb 25th at Union Hall. We go on at 9ish. Un Beso, CP


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Finishing the record.

Just posted two mixes over on myspace. Check ’em out.

We’re playing at Union Pool on Thursday, April 8th with Radical Dads and Thunderfakers. Check the swan dive, tile-face.

See y’all in the deep end.

We just laugh and laugh.


Summer Reading

Creative Juices.

Shoot when you see the whites of their eyes. duh.



Outta Here.

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Conversion Party Live, This Friday, March 27th, Bank Street Cafe

Potter Conversion Party

Potter's Magic Conversion Party

We were up in New London this weekend getting ready for next weekend’s gig when we caught wind of this little mix-up on the marquee. Or maybe it’s not a mix-up. I guess we’ll just show up and find out. You should too. The show is this Friday, March 27th at the Bank Street Cafe on (you guessed it) Bank Street. We’ll be joined by Honey Wagon and Heroins. We hope New Londoners will make it out for a good old fashion Conversion Party.

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